Home Harbor Dayboat Scallops: as fresh as it gets!

Run to the Marshfield Farmer’s Market TODAY if you can (2-6 pm Fridays all summer) because the incredibly fresh dayboat scallops harvested and marketed by Max Carpman of Home Harbor Seafood is making a guest appearance, and his fresh fare is sure to sell out!   I’ve been lucky enough to sample his scallops on a few other occasions, so I know they are always amazingly fresh and delicious; a melt-in-your-mouth experience!  These scallops are  Not soaked in the “solution” that all commercial scallops in the stores are stored in.  Max worked for years as a commercial fisherman before starting his new wholesale and retail venture called Home Harbor Seafood.  These babies are completely wild harvested,  sustainable and fresh and clean from the  deep blue Atlantic.  The Website is under construction but look for it soon!

Lately, the mangoes have been wonderful and super sweet when ripe but firm enough to chop into fresh salsa. I had planned to make fish tacos with mango salsa when I was lucky enough to acquire these yummy scallops, so I decided I would simply pan-sear them and use the salsa as a topping.  The result was a treat for my tastebuds, but I have to say that I’ve had these scallops at a friend’s house simply baked in butter, lemon and breadcrumbs and they were fantastic!  I don’t usually like that type of dish, (too bland for me) but these scallops are good enough to shine through the simplest of flavorings.


The first thing I did was make the salsa.  (The scallops remain amazingly fresh and just a slight scent of the ocean with no seafood-y smell just sitting in their cozy plastic bag!)

Take one fully ripe (soft to the touch but not mushy) mango and cut each half away from the large center seed.  I do it like this:


Put the chopped up mango in a bowl and then you add, chopped red peppers, chopped jalapeno peppers, (which I do by cutting around the seeds so you have the flavor with out the heat.  If you want some heat, let some of the seeds come into the mix!)


Add the peppers, chopped red onion to taste, then chopped cilantro to taste, some Celtic sea salt, some garlic and the juice of 1-2 fresh limes. Cilantro is such an excellent metal detoxifier, I use it a lot.  If you dislike the flavor, leave it out or substitute parsley.   Mix it all together, give it a taste (or two) and then it can sit at room temperature if you’re eating it soon, or refrigerate for later.  Saving for later is nice because it allows the flavors to meld and get friendly with each other!


For the scallops themselves, the stars of the show! I put some lemon juice and a bit of olive oil and then I pan-roasted some cumin seeds and sprinkled those on.

Get your pan really hot, (a cast iron would work well) and then sear the scallops for just 2-3 minutes per side and so they still seems slightly raw in the center.  The only hard thing about cooking scallops is to not overcook them: always err on the side of undercooking and you can throw them back on the heat if they’re too raw.  These scallops are fresh enough for sushi though!

 Serve with rice and dish the salsa on top.  Delish!